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Great Aunt Debbie Books

About Great Aunt Debbie


Great Aunt Debbie loves bringing the magic of books to children. She lives at the top of a hill at a place called Sunrise Lane. There, if you listen closely, you can hear nature speak. The wind whispers and the birds ask questions. They play and tell Great Aunt Debbie their secrets. Through the power of writing, Great Aunt Debbie can share their secrets with you, too.

The world is full of wonderful places waiting to be explored. There are people to meet, creatures to see, and fun to be had. Books are your key to that world! When you share a Great Aunt Debbie book with your friend, teacher, or parent, you share the adventure! You may even discover a love for reading that lasts a lifetime. Start your journey with one of the books below!

Great Aunt Debbie Books

Coming in 2022! 
The Boy and the Sunflower


A little boy finds a sunflower seed. When he plants it in his garden, he creates a deep and meaningful friendship that transcends the coming of the fall.

Evelyn and the Chickens


When her grandparents welcome chickens into their home, a little girl discovers that she has new friends-- And that even chickens come with surprises. To her delight, the biggest surprise comes from the shyest of chickens.

* Royal Dragonfly 2020- Honorable Mention

Picture Books 5 & younger (ebook)

* Story Monsters Approved 2020

Turn on the Sun


At the break of day, a little boy asks his mother to "turn on the sun." His loving mother accommodates, showing him the magic of sunrise. 

* Royal Dragonfly 2020- Honorable Mention

Picture Books 5 & younger (ebook)

* Story Monsters Approved 2020

How to Teach Your Adult:

To Believe in Magic


This "how to" book suggests several ways children may find magic in our seemingly ordinary everyday world, and encourages adults to look at the world through the eyes of a child. As a child and an adult do these activities together, they create even more magic!

 * Royal Dragonfly 2020- 1st Place

Activity Books- Children (ebook)

* Story Monsters Approved 2020

Click HERE to download a free activity book to use when reading How to Teach Your Adult: To Believe in Magic


Soon to Come: More Great Aunt Debbie Books

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