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The House of  Forgotten Dreams 

(Memories of Montenegro)


The Legends of Perast


A must read for anyone touring Montenegro. This book of photos and poetic thoughts describes the daily life experiences enjoyed by Deborah and her husband following their 2007 purchase of an abandoned house in Perast, a fishing village on Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor.

Eventually they learned that their “little house” was a significant palace built in the 17th century. This provides the starting point for Deborah’s discovery of her neighbors and their culture. Her love for the people and the area is evident throughout.

* Silver Medal eLit Book Awards winner


A captivating rendition of the legends of Perast, this book shares tales of love, power and destiny spanning more than a thousand years. It starts with tales of the Pirustae, one of many tribes in ancient Illyria. It then tells the origin stories of several Perast churches, a Baroque palace and two famous islands, the Island of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks. The book ends with a tale of enduring love. It is a perfect introduction to the history, people and notable sights of Perast.

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